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Los Brazos will be kickin’ off their 2017 GAS Tour

Los Brazos will be kickin’ off their 2017 GAS Tour

“We are glad to announce that on january the 27th we will be kickin’ off our 2017 GAS Tour to continue introducing our music to the audience in Spain, Portugal… and hopefully a bit beyond 🙂

2016 has been intense, so this year we are taking it easy in what concerns to gigs in order to draft all the upcoming works in sight, that are quite a few. As usual, as the Tour flows we will add some bits of this forthcoming work to the shows.

To start a big year like this, on January the 27th, 11:45p.m., we will perform at the Cafe Teatro Central in the unmatched Baeza, Jaén, to follow on the 28th at the Green Irish Pub, in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid, a las 10:30pm).  In both cases entrance will be free and you can find more info following each show links below.

Also, we want to make known that we have reissued the albums “GAS” (3th edition, thank you!) and “Welcome to Los Brazos“, so if you missed any just write us on info@losbrazos.com: we will be glad to ship them worldwide.

We will be announcing new tour dates and cities little by little and we want to let you know that we are very excited at the time, preparing new live and studio material, also that we will be, again, sharing stage with some of our favourite artists, and that we are visiting almost all of the places we left behind in the past years: so stay tuned and do not forget to follow us in our social media, it is a very important  help to us.

Happy new year, thanks a lot to everybody for your support, see you very soon!”

Los Brazos

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